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If you are planning to buy USED ENGINES for your vehicle at a reasonable cost, Autoparts Pro. is the right place for you. We have a huge inventory of low-mileage engines that can surely meet your requirements. We understand that finding used engines for your vehicle could be challenging and time-consuming. We are here to help you find the right engine for your vehicle. Used Engine Inc. has a comprehensive collection of used engines to choose from.

  • Our inventory contains used engines from domestic as well as foreign make including Honda, Ford, Toyota, Chevy, Audi, Subaru, Mercedes, Porsche, and more.


Find High Quality USED ENGINES

We are specialized in providing high-quality used engines at a low price. When we say that the engine is of high - quality, we imply that it has passed all the steps of the engine efficiency test, in terms of vehicle year, make, model, & state of the engine. These tests are conducted by highly-qualified industry experts who can identify any glitches in the engines instantly & promptly. If you want to replace your damaged engine with an efficient one, then you are at the right place. We provide safe, reliable & 100% certified used Engines and are committed to delivering premium quality USED ENGINES for sale in US to all our customers. We are one of the leading used car engine destinations in the USA where you will get used engines with warranty. We have an option of warranty extension that can give you immense satisfaction and great peace of mind. Free & Efficient shipping is our mantra to make ourselves distinct from the crowd.

Our Key Attributes Will Surely Help You to Think and Buy USED ENGINES from Us:

  • Quality- high-quality used engines, tried and tested by experts to pass compression, noise, oil/ smoke leakage tests.
  • Warranty- 3- 5 years of Exclusive warranty on all parts.
  • Shipping- Fast, efficient & free engine shipping at your doorsteps.
  • Selection range- Comprehensive collection of quality used engine & transmission and 1800 + Inventory Yards all over the United States.
  • Technical support- Team of Experienced & Proficient Engine Specialist, 24x7 ready to serve you.

Every morning when you struggle hard to start your car engine and feel its performance is going down, it's time to say "goodbye" to your old engine & replace it with the low mileage used engine. We have more than 1800 inventory yards all over the US & wide stock of used engine to choose from. We assure you that we will transform your vehicle just like a brand-new car by assembling it with the best quality engines for sale at an affordable cost.

Our qualified and knowledgeable customer service specialist will help you with every step of the process. We strive to make your experience as seamless and as smooth as possible.


Benefits of Buying a Used Car Engine

A viable alternative to buying a new engine is engine replacement, which can save your thousands of dollars. USED ENGINES provide numerous benefits to customers. The main benefit of buying a used engines for sale is that it cost-effective & will save your thousand bucks. It is a simple & inexpensive way to restore your old vehicle. Used engines filter changing & oil disposal is the main factor to enhance the shelf life of your car's engine.

Apart from cost, used engines have other advantages also. It is beneficial from the environment's point of view as it resists the well-conditioned engine from wasting in the landfill, thereby decreasing the amount of unwanted garbage. Buying a used engine prevents them from ending up in a landfill, and contributing to the waste stream.

A rise in the buying of a used engine can also significantly reduce the energy amount that would be used to create new ones. This helps to decrease the amount of greenhouse gases and emissions in the environment. The waste energy generated while building an engine is toxic to the environment. Buying a used engine for your vehicle helps you to diminish waste.

Another advantage is that used engines provide the same reliability as new engines. Used Engines are already tried & tested for their efficiency & performance.


Highly Efficient USED ENGINES for Sale in the USA

We offer a range of low mileage engines for sale covering almost every make and model to meet your expectations. Our engines are properly inspected and tested to meet the quality standards. Our engine experts conduct various tests like compression test, noise test, Visual test, smoke test so that engine is safe to use by you.

If you are looking for a reliable used engine to save your thousands of bucks, we are right here to handle your order ensuring to process it in a minimal possible time. When you contact us, we will require the VIN, part requirement, and transmission case. As soon as the order is confirmed from your side, we start working to ship your order quickly and efficiently. We do follow OEM standards, where we assure our customers that our product is 100 % certified and meet the required quality standard. Our top-quality parts and competitive pricing will help you stop looking any further.


Used Diesel Engines for Sale

Diesel cars are the most commonly used vehicles in the United States. If you need low mileage, used diesel engines for your car, you are in the right place. We have used diesel engines of various brands like BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Audi, etc. Our diesel engines are as reliable as new engines. These days, diesel engines have become most demanded in the market because of:

Our Key Attributes Will Surely Help You to Think and Buy USED ENGINES from Us:

  • The Diesel engine has higher energy content than gasoline.
  • Diesel engine performance is better in terms of engine harvest.
  • Diesel engines emit less pollution into the air.
  • A good diesel engine performance offers a good fuel economy and less carbon dioxide outflow.

If we talk about Electric engines or hybrid engines, the first problem with electric engines is they are costly but provide better mileage, speed, and comfort in their class. Electric cars produce high torque whereas combustion engines reach that torque after gaining little speed that is why electric cars are much faster than a combustion engine. Four major components of electric engines are Engine Generator, Lithium-ion Battery, Electric Drive Unit, and Charge Port. If any of these parts is not working properly and your vehicle performance is diminishing day by day it means it's time to replace it with the used electric car engine, as the new engine will be a thousand times more expensive than the used engine. Our electric used car engine doesn't compromise with quality and engine efficacy, we are a reliable source to get your job done simply and cost-effectively. Our used car engine sale in U.S. will satisfy you with excellent engine performance. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer experience and fast response time. We offer free shipping on all our orders across the USA.


Check our FAQ'S

How much does a used car engine cost?

Replacing your old or broken engine with a used car engine is usually the best and least expensive option. It will save your thousands of dollars & will provide the same efficiency as the used engine. The exact cost of a used engine will depend on many factors like the vehicle's model, year of manufacturing, type of engine needed, etc.

Is it worth buying a used car engine?

Yes, Totally. Buying a used engine is the most cost-effective solution to bring your car back on road. A used engine offers the same efficiency & performance as the new engine & is 100% certified & safe to use.

What happens when you put a used engine in your car?

After proper installation of a used engine in your car, your car will run smoothly like before with maximum efficiency. Used Engines are completely cleaned & ready to hit the road just like the new engine & perform better than new ones.

What information do I need to get a proper quote?

When you require a used engine, it is important to have all of the correct information to get an accurate quote such as the year, make, model, and shipping address. Also, it is important to provide (VIN) Vehicle Identification Number so that we provide an accurate quote.

Do you provide used engines for all brands?

Yes, we are stocked with used engines for most "makes and models", including "foreign as well as domestic" which is difficult to find anywhere else in the United States. We provide used engines for all brands like Audi, BMW, Honda, Chevy, Mercedes, Ford, Porsche, Hyundai, Jaguar, Toyota, and many more.

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